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Troubleshooting Questions

Why is there a * sign?

A * represents a Spark. Spark is a passion, an interest, a skill, or a hobby. Sparks allow users to keep track of their interests and help with discovering other interest groups.

How does group work?

Browse different activity groups around you, and you can join one right away. If you can't find a specific activity group, you can add a new group and wait for others to join.

Why is maximum Group size 6?

Smaller group size allows closer bonding among the group members, and it is easier for group master to create events constantly without running into conflicts.

How to invite someone to my Group?

After you created a group, wait for other users to explore and "like" your group. Once they show interest toward your group, you are able to invite them to join.

How to create a group event?

This feature will be available early 2020, keep your app updated! If you are the group master, you can start a group event. To create an event, simply add time, location, and activity. Members will be able to make a reservation after the event is created.

How to create an event poll?

A smaller group size encourages a more intimate social gathering that promotes stronger bonds amongst its members. It also makes creating and keeping up with group events much easier.

Connection problem?

Make sure your app version is up-to-date (v1.3.0+), and the network you are connected to is not blocking any ports. If connection issues persist, please contact our support team found on our "Contact" page.

How does my location get used?

Sparklist utilizes location services to provide users with a much simpler experience with looking for interest groups near them. Users are able to view the availability of groups near them.

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