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Pledge for SparkList

If you enjoy our app and would like to join our community, be a SparkList Pledge today.

Sparklist is providing its users with the opportunity to join our Pledge Program, earn $7, and win raffle prices. Participants must be 18 years of age or older, a current college student, and have an existing Instagram account.

1. Create an Instagram post.

2. Complete a review for Sparklist on the app store

3. Fill out the form and claim rewards


One Instagram Post     The $5 task

Follow @sparklistapp and create a post with three images!


Image #3

  • Image #1: How would you spend weekend with friends?

         Photo that includes 3+ friends doing a fun activity.

         Tag @sparklistapp and your friends in the photo.

  • Image #2: Screenshot of your SparkList profile or journals

         Decorate your SparkList profile or Create 3 journals for one of your Spark.

         Then take a screenshot of either page and use it for Image #2

  • Image #3: Simply add the image to the left

  • Caption: Tell your friends how much they meant to you!

         A meaningful caption to describe your genuine connections, and include

         @sparklistapp in the caption. (Also tag your organization if applicable)

An App Review

$2 bonus task (must complete the Instagram post above)

Write us a positive app review

We hope to see a few sentences and a five-star review...please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your Sparklist experience!


Claim reward & win prices

Get paid and enter all of our Instagram raffles

Fill out the form to receive your coffee fund!

You will received payment via Venmo in a week or two and

automatically entered our IG raffle which runs 1-2 times per month

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