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Likes on social media have become addictive because they symbolize reputation, causing us to constantly compare ourselves to others

Here at SparkList, we want to create a platform that gives users a positive experience

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 Cyberbullying is increasingly common as the digital world has expanded and technology has improved. 

Here at Sparklist, we want to create a platform that is safe and friendly for all users. 


Relationship Devaluation

Experts propose that we have a cognitive limit of 5 people with whom we can maintain stable social relationships. 

Here at SparkList, we want to create a platform that allows users to develop  strong friendships.  

Social Contest

The psychology of social media has evolved into a phenomenon that we understand too well.The number of likes or followers we get are now indicators of our social standing. Studies produced by UCLA show that the brain regions associated with our reward circuitry are activated when we see a high number of likes on posts. Here at Sparklist, we want our main focus to be a place where you can discover new activities and explore new hobbies with people just like you!


Overall, 87% of young people have witnessed cyberbullying occurring online. In recent years, the frequency of cyberbullying has increased. The effects of cyberbullying can have a tremendously negative impact on an individual’s wellbeing. 64% of people who have been cyberbullied say that it affects their ability to perform daily tasks. To combat this social issue, SparkList is at the forefront of creating a positive, safe, and friendly environment for individuals to meet new friends.

Relationship Devaluation

Since we only focus on the likes and followers, we lose sight of our relationships. According to surveys, 78% of participants post on social media to strengthen relationships and stay connected. Our mission at SparkList is to help individuals develop strong friendships and stay connected. Dunbar's number (5) is a suggested limit to the number of individuals with whom we can maintain stable relationships. We want everyone to be valued and enjoy spending time with one another. With SparkList, we have a function where you can share journals with friends to further build that bond with your group.



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